Do Mini Coopers Have Spare Tires?

In the year 2021, car sales increased to 66.7 million units. According to statistics, this is the highest record of international sales. Owning a car has various benefits like independence, cost-effectiveness, and increased mobility.

Owning a good quality car is a lifesaver, especially compact vehicles like Mini Coopers. However, buyers are familiar with the maintenance of tires; depending on wear and tear and usage, the average lifespan of tires is around four to five years.

Many manufacturers provide spare tires with their vehicles. However, Mini Coopers do not come with spares as there is no room to accommodate them, unlike jeeps, where the tire can be mounted vertically. So instead, BMW manufactures its popular vehicle with flat tires.

Are you considering switching from run flats to regular tires for your BMW? Then, read on to learn more about getting the most from your Mini Cooper experience.

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What Are Run Flat Tires?

A run flat tire is a durable alternative to regular car tires. Made with new tire technology, run flats are a manufacturer’s favorite because they lower the chances of flat tires and accidents. In short, if your run flat tires get punctured or deflate, they will continue running safely.

The advantages of using run flat tires make them popular in the vehicle manufacturing industry. In fact, popular manufacturers like BMW and Mercedez-Benz have also begun to adopt them. Here are a few popular reasons why they are becoming common:

More Convenience

You don’t need to change your flat tire or re-do wheel assemblies if you run into problems while driving. The run flats continue working despite technical issues and give an excellent performance.

Safer To Use

A flat tire is a dangerous thing. However, run flat tires are much safer as their reinforced sidewalls are thicker than a regular tire’s, ensuring the vehicle continues to drive smoothly, even during the winter season.

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Less Cumbersome

Run flat tires eliminate the need to carry a spare tire or tools and equipment. Mini Coopers are compact cars that do not have a lot of space, hence run flats are convenient for drivers.

Better Cost for Money

Made from durable technology, the run flats’ wear and tear are better than regular tires. This means fewer puncture problems and fewer visits to the service dealer.

However, the reality is not so rosy. Over the years, the run flat tire owner has noticed performance problems with owning a vehicle with such tires. Here are some typical troubles that run flat tires can pose to Mini Cooper owners:

They’re Costly To Replace and Repair

Run flats do have a lifespan. Though they take a while to wear down, they eventually must be repaired, maintained, or replaced. For example, an original run flat tire can cost you over $20, and a new one costs a steep $200 – $500.

They Can Malfunction

Run flat tires come with a catch. They can be driven on long routes, motorways, and highways. However, they are easier to damage. In short, a long drive with a driving speed of 50mph is not advisable.

Increased Running Costs

Run flats are expensive. Usually, a run flat tire begins to lose its functionality after 50,000 miles. Consider alternatives if you have long commutes; otherwise, you will run up a hefty bill.

Less Functionality

Run flat tires can decrease your vehicle’s functionality. They are heavy and add more weight, which results in an uncomfortable driving experience in snow and also increases fuel consumption.

Noisy Ride

Run flat tires are very noisy due to their manufacturing. Their sidewalls are stiffer, which results in a noisy driving experience. As a result, many car owners become discouraged when buying cars with flat run tires.

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Benefits of Switching From Run Flats to Regular Tires BMW

Regular tires came first, even before Mini Cooper vehicles began using the run flat tire. Standard tires have been the foundation upon which the tire industry has built its new technology. Regardless, many car owners still prefer using standard tires or run flat tires.

Durable, made for rough terrain and long drives, the only trouble using a standard tire is that they need to be replaced if they get a puncture. However, repairs and patches only go so far with regular tires, and some car owners prefer fewer struggles with their driving experience.

However, the regular rubber tire is still a customer favorite. Read on to see why some car owners still carry a spare tire in their trunks.

Regular Tires Are Cheaper

Cost is an essential factor to consider when owning a car. A conventional tire is much cheaper to maintain, repair, and replace than expensive run flat tires. In case of a puncture, a new tire will cost you between $50 to $200.

They Promise a Smooth Ride

The experience is an essential factor for car owners. Regular tires promise drivers a smoother and noiseless ride compared to hefty run flat tires. If you’re particular about the quality of your drive, the regular tire is the answer.

They Can Be Re-Used

The advantage of regular tires is that they can be repaired and re-used multiple times. This reduces maintenance costs significantly because the average tire repair costs less than $130, including the mechanic hourly rate.

The Spare Tire is Easy To Change

It’s relatively easy to change a spare tire. Many car owners can do it themselves, saving them a trip to the mechanic. Replacing, repairing, and changing run flat tires, on the other hand, require professional knowledge.

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Easy To Maintain

Compared to run flat tires that are difficult to find at every shop, regular tires are easy to maintain and replace. In addition, they are available at almost every mechanic and in various models that suit the owner’s budget.

Can You Change Your Mini Cooper Run Flat Tire to a Regular Tire?

The answer is yes. Mini Cooper owners can change from run flats to regular tires. However, it is recommended that all four tires be changed. Read on to know why.

A Seamless Driving Experience

Changing all four wheels to regular ones means standardization; your car won’t have a performance problem. It’s best to have one type of tire on your car at one time.

It’s Cheaper in The Long Run

Maintaining four regular tires on your Mini Cooper is cheaper than maintaining four run flat tires. It’s better to pick regular ones if your budget is tight.

It Won’t Compromise the Mini Cooper Experience

Changing to regular tires will maintain your Mini Cooper’s driving. In addition, the powerful engine will continue to be an adventure to drive.

They Can Run For Miles

The regular tire was made for the rugged road. They can last over 60,000 miles before needing replacements, making them an excellent investment for the icy winter season.

Choosing The Best Tire for Your Mini Cooper

There are different tires available in the market. However, depending on your budget, your car’s requirement, your driving range, and the quality of the road, you can decide whether a run flat tire or a regular tire is an ideal fit.

So before you buy a new tire for your Mini Cooper, spend some thought on what you just read here. Drive safe.