How to open the Mini Cooper hood?

Are you having trouble opening the hood of your Mini Cooper? Does the release cable stick? Is it broken? Here is our guide to replacing your hood latch with a new one.

Opning the Mini Cooper hood is pretty easy, but it’s something that many people find to be a hassle. It’s a bit of a pain to get the hood up, and the hinge seems to be stuck. But don’t worry! We’re here to show you how to open the hood without breaking anything.

Opening the Mini Cooper Hood

Locate Release Lever

When you need to open the hood of your mini cooper, it is important to remember to locate and release the lever first. This lever is located inside the car, near the driver’s side door. Depending on the model year, it will be either on the dashboard or underneath it. 

Find the hood release latch 

  • The hood release latch on vehicles manufactured before 2009 is situated on the passenger side near the glove box.
  • For those automobiles produced in 2009 or later, the latch can be located near the floorboard at the foot-pedal level on the driver’s side. Its position should be determined underneath of dashboard beside where it is close to the door frame.

Pull Lever to Open the Hood

Once you locate and pull this lever, located on the left side of your dashboard, you should hear a clicking noise as the hood unlocks. To open it up and check out what’s going on under there, simply prop up the hood using either hand.

Note: It is important to remember that once you are finished, close and lock your Mini Cooper’s hood securely, ensuring no unwanted critters or other unwelcome guests find their way into your car’s engine bay.

Prepare for Hood to Pop Open

Once you’ve pulled the lever, prepare for the hood to pop open all on its own. No force is required! This happens because of a secondary latch located inside your Mini Cooper that releases when you pull the lever from outside. 

When you pop open your hood this way, be sure to keep an eye out for any animals or debris that may be found underneath — who knows what kind of critters might have made their homes near your engine.

Ensure Safety Latch While Opening the Hood of Your Mini Cooper.

When you open your Mini Cooper’s hood, the plastic covering over the engine bay will fold up and away from it. This is a safety feature to ensure that you won’t be struck by it if you are working under your car when the hood pops open.

Reset Hood Lever After Closing Hood to Protect Your Mini Cooper.

After closing your Mini Cooper’s hood, you must fold the safety latch back into place. If you do not, it will remain up and potentially hit you or another person when you are underneath your vehicle for a later repair or maintenance job.

Troubleshooting the Hood Release Latch

Pull the hood release latch.

To unfasten the hood of your Mini Cooper, pull on the release lever. For models built before 2009, it is located under the dashboard to their right as you face forward in a vehicle produced that year. The hood latch on a Mini Cooper produced after 2009 is situated underneath the dashboard, located at the driver’s side. To open it, you need to tug towards yourself as if opening the bonnet/hood.

Check the cables for slackness.

Use a screwdriver or a stick to pull the cable, moving it back and forth while pulling on it. Check that there is no slack. If there is, you will need to tighten the anchor bolt at the cable’s end.

Tensioning of the cables may indicate an additional difficulty exists underneath the bonnet. The lower cable lifts up that part on the right while its counterpart opens from above.

Manually open the hood.

Use your fingers or a hook to pull each cable and initiate the opening. When you feel a light pop, it indicates that the hood has been liberated from its locked position. If the hood does not relinquish upon pulling on the cords, you must take your Mini Cooper to a mechanic so they can figure out what is wrong.

Go to a mechanic who is experienced with Mini Coopers.

A technician will be able to open up the hood of your automobile and have a look at the release cables below. To resolve this problem, they might need only to clean off and lubricate these wires. If one or both are not functioning, they will replace them with new ones.

Final Take: Properly Open Mini Cooper Hood

Mini Cooper’s hood open is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort. After familiarizing yourself with the latch locations and learning how to use the lever, you can easily open your car’s hood. Remember to always work in a well-lit area, avoid jostling any components, and never attempt to force the hood open if you suspect an obstruction. With a few simple steps, you’ll have a properly open Mini Cooper hood in no time!