Mini Cooper Bike Rack: Top 5 Options for 2023

Biking is a popular outdoor activity enjoyed by many, offering both recreational and health benefits. However, transporting bicycles can be a challenge, particularly for those who own compact cars like the Mini Cooper. Enter the Mini Cooper bike rack – a convenient solution to help you safely and easily take your bikes with you on your adventures.

Mini Cooper bike racks come in various styles, including hitch-mounted, roof-mounted, and trunk-mounted options. Each style offers its pros and cons, catering to different preferences and requirements. Therefore, it’s essential to consider factors like compatibility, ease of installation, bike capacity, and security when choosing the perfect bike rack for your Mini Cooper.

When shopping for a Mini Cooper bike rack, it’s important to pay attention to the functionality and construction quality of the rack. The right rack should be sturdy enough to hold your bikes securely during transit while preventing any potential damage to your vehicle. It’s also essential to consider how easy it is to load and unload bikes, as well as how convenient it is to store the rack when not in use.

To help you find the perfect fit for your needs, we have put in the time to research and test various bike racks, ensuring you make an informed decision and can fully enjoy your biking adventures with ease and confidence.

Best Mini Cooper Bike Racks

We have researched and compiled a list of the top Mini Cooper bike racks for you to choose from, making it easier for you to transport your bikes securely and safely on your next adventure.

Saris Bones EX Car Trunk Bicycle Rack

Saris Bones EX Car Trunk Bicycle Rack

The Saris Bones EX Car Trunk Bicycle Rack is a reliable and strong choice for Mini Cooper owners looking to transport their bikes with ease.


  • Lightweight and strong frame
  • Fits 90% of the top vehicles sold, including those with spoilers
  • Carries 2 bikes with a 35lb capacity per bike


  • A Bike Beam may be necessary for certain frame types
  • Some users reported difficulty with clamping knobs
  • Bungee cords or straps not included for securing wheels

Our first experience with the Saris Bones EX Car Trunk Bicycle Rack was pleasing – the unique arched leg design provides compatibility with various vehicle types, even those with spoilers. As Mini Cooper owners, we appreciated how the rack managed to avoid contact with our car’s plastic spoiler. Moreover, the injection-molded arms and legs of the rack ensure longevity, while the rubber feet protected our vehicle’s paint job.

Installation was relatively simple, taking just a few moments to adjust the rack to the correct position. The 35-pound load capacity suitable for two bikes allowed us to carry both our bicycles without any hassle. However, we did find it necessary to purchase a Bike Beam to accommodate for one of our bikes without a horizontal top tube. Additionally, we had to use our own bungee cords to prevent the bike wheels from swinging around during the ride.

Overall, we were satisfied with the performance of the Saris Bones EX Car Trunk Bicycle Rack for our Mini Cooper. Although there were minor challenges with installation, it proved to be a sturdy, sleek, and efficient solution for bike transportation. The fact that it’s made in the USA from 100% recyclable materials only adds to its appeal, making it a solid choice for those looking to transport their bikes safely and securely.

OMAC Roof Rack Cross Bars for Mini Cooper Hatchback

OMAC Roof Rack Cross Bars

The OMAC Roof Rack Cross Bars are a reliable and efficient option for Mini Cooper Hatchback owners looking to expand their cargo capacity.


  • Compatible with Mini Cooper Hatchback 2001-2013
  • Premium aluminum construction for strength and durability
  • Aerodynamic design reduces wind noise


  • Load capacity limited to 110 lbs
  • Not foldable
  • Only compatible with smooth roof cars

We recently installed the OMAC Roof Rack Cross Bars on our Mini Cooper Hatchback and found the lightweight, premium aluminum construction to provide excellent support for our cargo needs. The installation process was easy, and the anti-theft lock offered us peace of mind while parked.

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The aerodynamic design of the cross bars really impressed us as well. Even at highway speeds, the wind noise was minimal, allowing for a comfortable ride. With a maximum load capacity of 110 lbs, we were able to securely transport our belongings without any issues.

However, we noticed the OMAC Roof Rack Cross Bars are specifically designed for smooth roof cars, and not compatible with other roof types. Also, the load capacity, while adequate for some cargo, may be limiting for those with larger items to transport. Additionally, the rack is not foldable, which could cause storage concerns when not in use.

In conclusion, if you own a smooth roof Mini Cooper Hatchback between 2001-2013 and need to expand your cargo options, the OMAC Roof Rack Cross Bars are a functional and stylish choice. Their aluminum construction, aerodynamic design, and easy installation make them a great addition to your vehicle. Just bear in mind the compatibility and load capacity limitations before making a final decision.

Saris Solo Bike Rack

Saris Solo Bike Rack

The Saris Solo Bike Rack is a budget-friendly, easy-to-use option for transporting one bike on various vehicle models.


  • Convenient and low-cost solution
  • Compatible with various vehicle models
  • Compact and easy to store


  • Supports only one bike
  • Limited weight capacity (35 lbs)
  • Potential risk of scratching the car

We recently tried the Saris Solo Bike Rack, and we were quite impressed with its convenience and simplicity. As the first and only 1-bike trunk rack with zero mechanical frame adjustments, it took us no time to set up. We just placed it, tightened the straps, secured our bike, and we were ready to hit the road. Its compact uni-body frame did not disappoint, fitting multiple vehicle makes and models just like larger bike racks would.

One thing we love about the Saris Solo Bike Rack is its easy storage. This compact unit can effortlessly be stored in a trunk or closet when not in use. The ratcheting straps and anti-sway features ensure that the bike is secure while on the road. However, we did notice that the design might pose a risk of scratching the vehicle, especially with the pedals. We recommend being cautious while securing the bike onto the rack.

The only significant downside to this rack is its limited carrying capacity. It can support just one bike weighing up to 35 lbs, which may not be optimal if you need to carry more than one bike or heavier bikes. However, considering the low cost, easy installation, and recyclable materials used, the Saris Solo Bike Rack is a great option for those looking for a simple solution for bike transportation.

In conclusion, the Saris Solo Bike Rack is best suited for those who need to transport a single bike on their vehicle occasionally. With its affordability, ease of use and storage, this compact trunk-mounted rack is a good choice for the casual cyclist. However, for those who need to carry more bikes or heavier models, a different option might be more appropriate.

MINI COOPER Touring Bike Holder

MINI COOPER Touring Bike Holder

We recommend the MINI COOPER Touring Bike Holder for its ease of installation and compatibility with both Hard Top and Clubman models.


  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with Hard Top and Clubman
  • Quick bike hookup


  • May require dealer assistance for installation
  • Not suitable for all bike types
  • Discontinued by the manufacturer

We recently tried out the MINI COOPER Touring Bike Holder and found it to be a great addition to our Hard Top and Clubman vehicles. The installation process was relatively simple, and we appreciated the quick bike hookup feature. This bike holder definitely gave our cars a sporty look and made it very convenient to transport our bikes.

However, we noticed that the bike holder might not be suitable for all types of bikes, especially those with unique frame designs. We suggest checking your bike’s compatibility with this holder before making a purchase. Additionally, although the installation was overall simple, some users may find it challenging and may need to seek assistance from a dealer.

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Despite being discontinued by MINI, this bike holder has received positive customer reviews, and we believe it is worth considering for MINI Hard Top and Clubman owners. It’s an excellent option for those who want a reliable and secure way to transport their bikes on their MINI vehicles.

ERKUL Roof Rack Cross Bars for Mini Cooper Countrymen

ERKUL Roof Rack Cross Bars

The ERKUL Roof Rack Cross Bars are a great choice for Mini Cooper Countrymen owners looking to securely transport their gear without sacrificing style.


  • Easy installation
  • Versatile use
  • High load capacity


  • Not as durable as some competitors
  • Limited compatibility
  • Anodized coating could wear over time

We were impressed with how easy it was to install the ERKUL roof rack on our 2014 Mini Cooper Countrymen (R60). The heavy-duty construction made us confident when loading up our gear for a weekend trip. With its 165-pound load capacity, we easily fitted our bikes, kayaks, and other essentials to the anodized aluminum crossbars.

One of the main advantages of these crossbars is the versatile use they offer. We tested its performance with a variety of equipment including bikes, canoes, surfboards, and skis. It held up well in all weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for adventurers. The black color option also gave our vehicle a sleek and modern appearance.

However, we did notice a few drawbacks to this roof rack. The limited compatibility only suits Mini Cooper Countrymen (R60) models from 2011 to 2016, making it less appealing for those with different vehicles. Additionally, while the anodized coating gives it an attractive appearance, it began showing signs of wear after some time.

Overall, if you own a Mini Cooper Countrymen (R60) and want to enhance its utility and aesthetics, the ERKUL Roof Rack Cross Bars are worth considering. With an easy installation process, high load capacity, and versatile use, this product largely delivers on its promises despite a few minor drawbacks.

Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack

The Swagman CHINOOK is a reliable and versatile bike rack, perfect for Mini Cooper owners seeking a secure transport solution.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient tilting feature for effortless rear access
  • Adjustable locking ratchet hooks for secure transport


  • Slightly heavy design
  • Not foldable, may not fit some trunks
  • Possible ratcheting arm issues

We recently used the Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack and found that it was quite easy to assemble, meaning you can quickly get it installed and uninstalled in just a couple of minutes. The instructions provided were simple to follow, so we didn’t have any issues setting it up.

What we particularly liked was the bike rack’s ability to tilt down, granting quick and easy access to the rear of our Mini Cooper. This convenient feature saved us time when we needed to access our trunk or load more gear for our trip. With the adjustable locking ratchet hooks, we were confident knowing that our bikes were held securely on the rack.

Although the Swagman CHINOOK has a load capacity of 90 pounds and can transport up to 2 bikes, we noticed it was a bit heavy for its size. Weighing in at 44 pounds, its alloy steel construction might be the cause of the added weight. Additionally, it’s not foldable, which could make it challenging to store in some trunks when not in use.

We have seen reports from other users about the ratcheting arm potentially breaking after extended use. While this didn’t happen to us during our trial, it’s important to keep this in mind when considering this bike rack.

Overall, the Swagman CHINOOK Hitch Mount Bike Rack is a solid and reliable choice for Mini Cooper owners seeking an easy-to-use, secure, and versatile transportation solution for their bikes. Just be prepared for the added weight and the potential ratcheting arm issue.

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Saris Bones Car Trunk Bicycle Rack

Saris Bones Car Trunk Bicycle Rack

The Saris Bones Car Trunk Bicycle Rack is a reliable and easy-to-use option for those looking to transport up to 2 bikes.


  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • Strong and durable material


  • May obstruct rear view
  • Requires regular adjustments
  • Limited to 35lbs per bike

The Saris Bones Car Trunk Bicycle Rack caught our attention with its compatibility with a vast range of vehicles and ease of installation. We found that the rubberized feet protect the car while the coated straps ensure our bikes are secure during transport. The arched design is highly practical, accommodating sedans and mini-vans, and even cars with spoilers.

However, we observed that the rack may at times obstruct the rear view, so careful attention to strap adjustments guarantee a safe and comfortable drive. The rack requires regular adjustments and checks to maintain optimal stability. And while it has a maximum weight capacity of 35 pounds per bike, it works great for local trips and comes with the assurance of spring buckle straps with vinyl-coated hooks.

While we found the design visually appealing, what really stood out is that the Saris Bones Bike Rack is constructed with heavy-duty, 100% recyclable plastic, making it eco-friendly and incredibly sturdy. The injection-molded arms and legs promise never to rust, giving us confidence in the product’s longevity. And finally, we love that this bike rack is hand-built in Madison, Wisconsin, showing support for American craftsmanship.

In conclusion, the Saris Bones Car Trunk Bicycle Rack is a great choice for transporting up to two bikes conveniently and securely. The easy installation, compatibility with most vehicles, and durable materials reflect a product tailored to meet our everyday needs – all while contributing to a sustainable future.

Buying Guide

When looking to purchase a bike rack for your Mini Cooper, there are several factors to consider. In this buying guide, we will explore some of the most critical aspects to ensure you choose the best product for your needs.

Type of Bike Rack

The first thing to consider is the type of bike rack, as there are various options available. The most common types include hitch-mounted, trunk-mounted, and roof-mounted racks. Assess your vehicle’s compatibility and your personal preferences before deciding on which type is best suited for your Mini Cooper.

Bike Capacity

Next, consider the number of bikes you plan to transport regularly. Different bike racks can accommodate different numbers of bicycles, so ensure the one you choose has enough capacity for your needs. It’s also essential to consider the weight limit of the rack, as exceeding this limit can compromise the product’s safety.

Ease of Installation and Use

Another critical factor is the ease of installation and use of the bike rack. Look for a product that comes with straightforward instructions and doesn’t require any specialized tools for assembly. Additionally, evaluate how user-friendly the process of loading and securing your bikes to the rack is, as it can make a significant difference in your overall experience.

Security Features

When it comes to securing your bikes while they’re on the rack, you’ll want a product that offers reliable security features. These can include locking mechanisms, anti-theft devices, or additional straps and fastenings to keep your bicycles safe and secure during transit.

Compatibility with Different Bike Sizes and Styles

Lastly, ensure the bike rack you choose can accommodate various bike sizes and styles, as this will allow for greater versatility in your usage. Some racks are adjustable, making it easier to fit different bikes, while others may be designed specifically for certain types of bicycles.

By considering these factors when shopping for a Mini Cooper bike rack, you can confidently select the best product to meet your specific needs and preferences. Following this buying guide will help you make an informed decision and enjoy stress-free bike transportation on your next adventure.