What Model Is a 2008 Mini Cooper?

Get the lowdown on the 2008 Mini Cooper models, distinguishing between the base Hatchback and the turbocharged S for a thrilling ride.

Your 2008 Mini Cooper comes in two distinct trims: the base Hatchback 2D and the turbocharged Hatchback 2D S, each powered by a 1.6L engine. While the base model churns out 118 hp, the S variant ups the ante with 172 hp, providing a zestier drive. Both trims promise agility and efficiency, sporting a compact design that's big on performance with a 0-60 acceleration time of 6.7 seconds for the base model. Inside, you'll find a comfortable, sporty cabin tailored for an engaging drive. Standard features vary, so checking the VIN can help pinpoint your Mini's specifics. There's more to uncover about what sets these models apart.

Identifying Your 2008 Mini

To accurately identify your 2008 Mini Cooper, you'll need to check the VIN number, which provides detailed information on the specific model and trim, such as the Hatchback 2D or Hatchback S 2D. This step is important because the 2008 Mini Cooper comes in these distinct trims, each with unique styling and performance characteristics that can greatly impact your vehicle's identification and understanding of its specs and features.

When identifying your 2008 Mini, you'll find that both the Hatchback 2D and Hatchback S 2D offer a range of features, including AM/FM Radio, Child Seat Anchors, and a Driver Airbag, among others. However, the specifics can vary significantly between the trims, highlighting the importance of using the VIN to pinpoint exactly what you have. This information isn't just about knowing your car's model; it's about understanding the unique attributes that define your Mini Cooper, from its engine size to its safety features.

For a detailed breakdown of specs and features, resources like Kelley Blue Book can provide detailed insights. However, starting with your VIN ensures you're looking at the right information for your specific 2008 Mini Cooper, whether it's a standard Hatchback 2D or the sportier Hatchback S 2D variant.

Key Specifications

Understanding your 2008 Mini Cooper's VIN reveals specifics about its performance and design, paving the way to explore the key specifications that distinguish this model. The 2008 Mini Cooper comes in two trims: Hatchback 2D and Hatchback 2D S, each equipped with essential safety features like AM/FM Radio, Child Seat Anchors, and Driver Airbag as standard. This highlights the brand's commitment to combining fun driving experiences with safety.

With a base engine size of 1.6 L, your Cooper is designed for efficiency without compromising on the thrill of driving. The 2008 model's agility is further demonstrated by its manufacturer 0-60 mph acceleration time of 6.7 seconds, showcasing the vehicle's spirited performance. The Cooper's design optimizes its drag with a coefficient of 0.39 Cd, balancing aerodynamics with the distinctive Mini aesthetic.

Moreover, the car's curb weight of 2,668 lbs and gross weight of 3,483 lbs underscore its compact yet sturdy build. A fuel tank capacity of 13.2 gallons ensures that you can enjoy extended drives without frequent stops. Each specification of the 2008 Mini Cooper Hatchback is a reflection of the brand's engineering prowess, offering a blend of performance, safety, and iconic style.

Engine and Performance

You'll find the 2008 Mini Cooper equipped with a choice between a naturally aspirated or turbocharged 1.6L inline-4 engine, setting the stage for its lively performance.

The base model churns out 118 horsepower, whereas the Cooper S variant boosts that figure to 172 horsepower, enhancing your driving experience with more vigor.

Let's explore how these engine specs translate to on-road performance and fuel efficiency, making this Mini a standout choice for enthusiasts.

Engine Specifications

Diving into the heart of the 2008 Mini Cooper, the base model sports a robust 1.6L I-4 engine, delivering a spirited driving experience. This engine, a cornerstone of the Mini Cooper's appeal, churns out 115 horsepower and 111 lb-ft of torque. It's this precise combination of power and efficiency that defines the model's driving character.

Mini's engineering prowess is evident in how they've extracted such balanced performance from this compact powertrain. The 1.6L engine doesn't just propel the car with zest; it encapsulates the brand's dedication to lively, engaging rides without sacrificing the practicality and fuel efficiency that Mini owners have come to expect.

This engine setup ensures you're prepared for both the city's hustle and the open road's call.

Performance Metrics

The 2008 Mini Cooper's performance is highlighted by its 1.6L I-4 engine, achieving a swift 0-60 mph acceleration in just 7.1 seconds and reaching a top speed of 124 mph. You'll appreciate how the engine's 115 horsepower and 111 lb-ft of torque contribute to its lively acceleration and overall agility on the road. Despite this robust performance, details on fuel efficiency are kept for another discussion.

Aspect Specification Impact on Performance
Engine 1.6L I-4 Powers swift acceleration, enhances driving dynamics
Horsepower 115 hp Enables brisk acceleration
Torque 111 lb-ft Contributes to responsive handling
0-60 mph 7.1 seconds Demonstrates quick off-the-line speed
Top Speed 124 mph Highlights the engine's capability

Fuel Efficiency Insights

Evaluating the 2008 Mini Cooper's fuel efficiency reveals its reliance on premium unleaded fuel to maximize both performance and economy. This compact yet peppy car, with its 1.6 L base engine size, is designed to deliver a compelling balance of power and fuel efficiency.

Its fuel tank capacity of 13.2 gallons means you can enjoy longer drives without frequent stops for refueling. With an EPA city/highway MPG rating of 26/34 and a combined rating of 29 MPG, the 2008 Mini Cooper stands out for its ability to navigate both bustling city streets and open highways with equal ease.

This fuel efficiency, coupled with the requirement for premium unleaded fuel, underscores the car's design for peak performance and efficient driving experiences.

Interior Features

Inside your 2008 Mini Cooper, you'll find leatherette upholstery as a standard feature, ensuring both a sleek look and durable comfort. The interior of this model is designed not just for style but also for practicality and comfort, making every drive a pleasure. With its sport front seats, the Mini Cooper provides ample support during spirited drives, marrying comfort with the excitement Mini is known for.

  • Sport Front Seats: These aren't just about support; they also offer 38.8 inches of headroom and 41.4 inches of legroom, ensuring that even taller drivers can enjoy the ride without feeling cramped.
  • Rear Seat Comfort: Passengers aren't left out, with 37.6 inches of headroom and 29.9 inches of legroom in the back, making every seat in the Mini Cooper a comfortable spot.
  • Manual Seat Adjustments: The 6-way manual adjustments allow you and your passengers to tailor seating positions for the best comfort, proving that manual controls can be both simple and effective in achieving personalized comfort levels.

The 2008 Mini Cooper's interior is meticulously designed to enhance your driving experience, focusing on the essentials of comfort, space, and adjustability.

Exterior and Dimensions

Shifting focus to the exterior and dimensions, your 2008 Mini Cooper boasts a compact and nimble frame that enhances its driving dynamics. As a compact car, it's designed to navigate through tight spaces effortlessly, while its dimensions contribute to a distinctive, agile performance.

Let's break down the specifics:

Dimension Measurement Note
Length 145.6 inches Compact yet spacious
Width 66.3 inches Narrow profile for city driving
Height 55.4 inches Low center of gravity
Wheelbase 97.1 inches Stability and handling

The Mini Cooper's compact dimensions are complemented by a wheelbase that provides exceptional stability and handling, characteristic of the brand's engineering prowess. With a curb weight of 2,668 lbs, your car remains light on its feet, making for an engaging driving experience. Not to mention, the drag coefficient of 0.39 Cd enhances aerodynamic efficiency, further solidifying the 2008 Mini Cooper's reputation as a well-rounded compact car with a keen focus on performance and practicality.

Warranty and Services

How does the 2008 Mini Cooper fare when it comes to warranty and services? When you're considering this model, the warranty and service offerings are critical factors that contribute to its overall value. MINI has crafted a thorough package to guarantee your 2008 Cooper remains in prime condition, without the stress of unexpected repair costs for a considerable period post-purchase.

  • The basic warranty and drivetrain warranty both cover 4 years or 50,000 miles, ensuring major components are protected.
  • Rust warranty stands out with a 12-year unlimited mileage promise, a reflection of the vehicle's build quality and durability against corrosion.
  • Roadside assistance for 4 years or 50,000 miles, coupled with free maintenance services for 3 years or 36,000 miles, offers peace of mind and convenience, keeping you on the road with less worry.

These elements highlight MINI's commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, framing the 2008 Mini Cooper as a smart choice for those who value extensive support post-purchase. With this level of coverage, you can enjoy driving your Mini, knowing that the brand has got your back with a strong safety net for various potential issues.

Comparing Trims and Styles

When comparing the Hatchback 2D and S Hatchback 2D trims of the 2008 Mini Cooper, you'll find each offers distinct features and performance capabilities tailored to different driving preferences. The Hatchback 2D trim is celebrated for its sporty design, which isn't just about looks; it translates into efficient performance that's ideal for city driving and those who prioritize fuel economy without sacrificing style. With a nimble chassis and responsive handling, this trim exemplifies the brand's commitment to delivering fun, compact cars that don't skimp on personality.

On the other hand, the S Hatchback 2D trim takes what the Hatchback 2D offers and dials it up. It's designed for those who crave enhanced power and a more spirited driving experience. This trim includes a more powerful engine and sport-tuned suspension, making it a perfect choice for enthusiasts looking for a small car with a big heart. The S version's performance upgrades don't compromise the Mini's iconic design; instead, they complement the vehicle's sporty aesthetic, ensuring that it stands out both with regards to looks and performance.


Exploring through the specs of your 2008 Mini Cooper is like uncovering a hidden treasure map. Each twist and turn in its design, from the peppy engine to the cozy interior, leads you to the X that marks the spot—ultimate driving joy.

Imagine this: a Mini darting down a coastal road, as nimble and spirited as a rabbit in spring. It's not just about getting from A to B; it's the thrill of the journey, wrapped in a compact, iconic package.

With its distinctive style and robust performance, your Mini isn't just a car; it's a statement, a companion on every adventure.